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Search Feature

With our sophisticated search feature, you are most likely to get a property with precise description of your choice. You could be searching for a house or land, also when it comes to a house, it could be a house for rent or for sale. The location field lists all the available wards in the country. Once selected, it means you will get properties from the selected location only. With these options, you do not really need to select all the options to get the results, just select the ones preferable and click “search" button to give you the results.

Who can use our system, "Agent"?

Agent can be a landloard or dalali, they are the ones to be contacted when a client has seen a preferable property. Agents are able to register up to 3 phone numbers for the availability of communication, and their addresses of course. As an agent, you have to register first to have your own profile where you will be able to manage the properties that you have added in the system. Agents must update the status of the added properties once they have been rented or bought to give chances for our clients not to end up re-checking on the properties that are rented or sold already.

Under "Contacts" tab, you get to have information on how to reach us and a form where a user can submit his/her concern, question or even feedback about our service. If you do not have a computer or having any trouble, you can call us via +255 755 248 731 or +255 657 999 441 and we will provide details of anything that concerns our system.

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